Welcome to my website! If you’ve come here looking for an answer to the age old question, ‘why is the sky blue?’ I’m afraid you have taken a wrong turn during your journey through the Interwebs. However, to save you further Googling, I can tell you that it’s due to Rayleigh scattering.
So, my name is Dave, I make music, and that’s what this website is all about.

I should probably use this space to let you know how to navigate this website, but I think it’s fairly self¬†explanatory. Directing your eyes to the top of the page you will find some tabs. Click on the one that says ‘music’ to listen to my music, ‘News’ for news, ‘Lyrics/Tabs’ for lyrics and guitar tabs… I won’t go through all of them.

On the right are links to other places you can find me online. So if you use twitter or facebook or youtube and would like to follow me on those things , then you can. (I do recommend it as I am hilarious).

Finally, if you’re interested in hearing from me every month or two (or six), then you should sign up to my mailing list.

So have a look around and make yourself at home! I’ll be around, should you wish to¬†I’m sure you can figure out a way to get in touch, there are loads.



111 responses to “Home

  1. Hey, will you ever rerelease the old Blue Skies T-Shirts with the guitar? I’ve had one for about two years, and owing to my incompetence there are irremovable stains, meaning I want to buy a new one. If not, I’m happy to buy one of your newer Tees, I just want to know really badly.

    • No I won’t be printing any more of them – if I was going to get t-shirts printed I’d get a new design as most people who would buy them already have the old ones. Glad to hear you got plenty of use out of it though!

  2. Max Chowdry

    Hey man, I just saw “The Brave, The Fallen” video that you uploaded a couple days back.
    Well done on that, it sounds great, as does a lot of your work. I was wondering what gauge your strings were, the guitar sounds great.

    • Cheers mate, they’re 11s on there right now – it’s a fairly new guitar so I’m trying out some different things. On my older guitar I tend to use 13s.

  3. hey dave! i got so excited about learning these days but i wanted to learn the way you play it but i couldnt find your cover anymore its my favourite of that song what happened??
    (sorry for the lack of punctuation)

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